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Afterschool Homeroom
Note: Mr Durrett's e-mail has demanded that his e-mail be removed. If you know it, please do not flame him. He has an oppinion and while we do not agree with it, we respect his rights to voice it out. We publicly apologize for any disruption Mr. Durrett.

From: Daniel Durrett
Subject:Your Fascist Pictures

Dear Fascist,

While I can understand your teenage-angst ridden rant about your principal smoking on school property, I can't understand your lack of decency and integrity. It seems that our nation has come to a stage where all civil liberties are being taken away. From your principal being criticized for enjoying a smoke after a hard day at school, to poor Terry Schiavo in Florida being forced to suffer pain and anguish, our "laws to protect" are causing more more erosion of freedom than ever before. This type of thinking, prying in on personal choices, is what lead Germany to the awful state it became in the late 1930's and early 1940's. I know you didn't make the law about smoking on school property yourself, but you support it. It seems to me that in true American Spirit you would have applauded your principal, perhaps even stood up and smoked with her. Your principal demonstrates the type of character that founded this country and allowed us to be free from the world of oppression. Your accusatory, gestoppo, picture taken tactics demonstrate the type of character that will help usher in the fall of our great land. Thank you for being brainwashed.


Daniel Durrett
Kalamazoo, MI


For one thing Mr. Durrett, my(Eliazar) being suspended is an example of our civil liberties being taken away. This just shows how corrupt our society really is. A clear example of authority figures abusing their power. "...a hard day a school.." you say? You are just assuming that all principals work hard. It is the teachers that work hard in this school. As for Terry Schiavo, we have no comment. It is irrelavant. You're comparing our thinking towards those of Nazi Germany? This type of thinking was what made our country what it is today. How is her going out and having a smoke an example of her "being free from oppression"? Cravings for cigarettes is not an example of freedom from oppression. It's actually the opposite since cigarettes contain nicotine(which is an addictive substance). Freedom to take pictures in a public place, to speak our opinions, and to publish our thoughts are examples of true freedoms. Hey, maybe you're right. Maybe we should all stay quiet whenever we find injustice. You know what? Let's just go out for a smoke.

Wisedth Sar and Eliazar Velasquez

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