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Afterschool Homeroom
Pledge of Allegiance

The Pledge of Allegiance is causing some controversy at Central High School. On June 2nd, 2005, a friend of mine's was giving a five minute detention because he refused to stand up for the pledge. Last year, the former principal said that no one had to stand up for the pledge if they did not want to. For some odd reason, this year's rule is un-officially stated that, "you must stand up for the pledge but you do not have to recite it.." This year, Central High School has a new principal. Is there a connection?

State and church are said to be separate in this country. We all know that this is not true. The influence on church is apparent on everything including school. Nothing will change that. But it is up to the Constitution to protect everyone's rights equally. Let me make an analogy out of this. You own something. You own a pack of Skittles candy. Someone takes that pack of Skittles from you. Someone snatches it from your hand if you will. Now, this person that just took your candy stole something from you. This person took something away from you. This is where things get interesting. The person that took your candy offers to give it back. Instead of giving you the whole pack of Skittles, this person gives you some of it back. Now, do you settle for some of your Skittles and call it even? No, that would be rediculous. The whole pack is yours and you are entitled to all of it back. What is my point? Like the analogy, my friend had rights. He had the right to sit down because he did not want to pledge his country through any religious figure. He was entitled to all his right, not settle for just standing up without reciting. He was entitle to his whole "pack of Skittles" if you will. Now the fact that he was punished because he would not stand up was a violation of that right. Even though his punishment for not standing up was a mere five-minute detention, he did not deserve that.

No one is going to lose sleep over this. No lawyers will be hired. No ACLU will be contacted and no legal actions will be taken. Central Scoop feels that we do not need to flex our political muscles in order to intimidate the low-lives that run your school. This article was written to further damage the reputation of the administration and to give hope to those that can't stand up for themselves. If anyone has been punished because he or she refused to stand up for the pledge, please e-mail Central Scoop at or speak with the ACLU. Collectively, we can make a difference but we need individuals to speak up.

The Central Scoop