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Afterschool Homeroom
You can leave class to puke, but bring back proof.

Central’s administration has come up with a variety of ridiculous policies to improve Central’s status as a low performing school, which will in turn result in the federal government giving Central more funding. Two examples of the most ridiculous policies are the (1)lateness policy, and the (2)bathroom policy(previously written about back in April, titled, “Our rights flushed right down the toilet”). I’ll briefly summarize these two policies:

1. Students are allowed to be late four times per school year. Any latenesses after the four, will result in a one hour detention. No matter if students have an excuse, or are just a few minutes late. This policy has resulted in students choosing to be absent instead of showing up late to school, where they’ll be guaranteed an hour detention.

2. Students may use the bathrooms only between classes, during passing. During classes, no student may use the bathroom, unless it’s an emergency. Or, as Elaine Almagno, Central’s principal kindly put it, “ No student is allowed to use the bathroom unless they’re bleeding or not breathing”. Students and teachers alike, who end up violating this policy, end up getting into trouble. Students get detention and suspension, and teachers, for allowing students to use the bathroom, end up getting written up, which in turn damages their records.

I was recently emailed by a fellow student. The story that this student told me is rather disturbing. This student wishes to remain anonymous, for fear of getting in trouble. Because folks, those who work and attend Central High, live in a constant state of fear. Fear keeps the Central populace in line.

Anyway, here’s her story. This student wanted to use the bathroom because she felt sick. Her teacher denied her request for permission to use the bathroom, so she just walked out. She went to the nurse’s office but the nurse wouldn’t even talk to her because she didn’t have a pass(hmm, is this the code of ethics that medical professionals are supposed to follow? Shouldn’t a medical professional put someone’s health and well being above anything else? Our school nurse is a good nurse, but I guess she is forced to follow the school’s policies too, and attend only to those who actually have permission to get medical attention.), so she just walked straight into the bathroom, and threw up. She then went to Mr.Hunt’s office(one of our school administrators, whom I affectionately like to call Mike, behind his back) and asked for a pass back to class. He denied her request, because she couldn’t prove that she was sick, and assigned her an hour detention.

When this student’s friend approached Mr.Hunt and asked why her friend was assigned detention even though she was sick, he said, “Well, if she was sick she should’ve brought the Vomit in her hands to me”.

Our most basic human rights are being violated. Punishment for walking out of class to puke? Here’s a proposal, for all my fellow students. If you really have to puke, and your teacher won’t let you use the bathroom, walk straight into the main office, and puke all over the place. Wipe your face, smile, and say, “there’s your proof”.

Eliazar Velasquez