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Afterschool Homeroom
Something Must Be Done

There are so many things going on at Central High that are just plain wrong. Things that would never be allowed to happen if more people knew about them. Here is a small compilation of what's wrong with our school:

* Teachers with accents are being told to "lose the accent".
* Teachers being targeted for absolutely no reason by members of the school administration.
* Recent arrivals who do not speak a word of english being put in wrong classrooms.
* Parents who do not speak english being treated with complete disrespect, and in some cases even yelled at.

These are just a few things. What saddens me is that there are people, both students and faculty, who know of these many wrongdoings, but are unwilling to do anything about it. I ask you, as a Central High School student, or faculty member, to please step up and help me stop these injustices. If you feel uncomfortable coming to me, you can contact an association like the ACLU or Progresso Latino. Just please, do not stand around and watch when you can do something about it. You can contact me at, or at school.

Eliazar Velasquez