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No Smoking! (continued) back home

I woke up that morning, with my goal set in mind: to photograph Ms.Almagno taking a smoke on school property. We all know that it is illegal to smoke within 50 feet of any public buildings, thanks to the new law passed on March 2nd, 2005, I caught her smoking on March 7th, 2005 between 4:00 and 4:30 pm. Looks like our dear principal doesn't really care much for following the law, eh? What kind of example is she setting for the students of Central High? Besides, even if I had taken these pictures before the law was passed, it was still illegal to smoke within 25 feet of a public school. She was right next to the door! And it was open! The law specifically states the smoke must not be allowed to enter a public building.

I got information from a certain individual that Ms.Almagno had a small spot behind the school where she liked to smoke at almost every day after school. I checked out the spot before school started and spent the rest of the school day looking for the best view to commit my deed. I wasn't able to get any good spots from inside the school, so I would have to risk coming out into the open to get the shot, but it was well worth it. I sneaked around after school until she finally came out with another teacher(who wasn't smoking) to have a friendly chat, and a smoke. I had to be real careful, since there were still people walking about. I hid behind a wall and took as many pictures as I could(I even got one where she was looking straight down at the camera!), and took off with my goodies.

This is a principal we're talking about. She is a leader; one who should lead by example. And here we caught her smoking on school grounds; breaking the law. Now, I understand that people smoke. That is their business. It's a free country. But the law should be followed as well. Especially by a principal. We feel that Ms. Almagno is not suited to be principal of Central High School. Just look at the facts so far. Don't take my word for it. I have pictures! A picture is worth a thousand words, correct? What does these have to say about our principal? Check out pic6. Smile for the camera!

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